Monday, 16 January 2017

This circus (Nairobi Diaries)

I never get enough of this circus called Nairobi diaries! Just the other day it was Yola all over the place picking fights and now its Judy Jay!

She is such a watermelon she called cops over what?... gosh I'm just smh.
Girl talks too much and she is so over her dumb self!
Mishi couldn't take any more, she started to eat so as to energize herself after realizing that this b* won't stop talking lots of nonsense.
Looking fabulous today girl!

Can we talk bout Luwi's English though! 'She lives and stays in Dubai' loh! Sisemi tena

Noti flow, muziki tu

I'll big up the cast though coz the first season s guys were like usually drank onset.. Tuonane next Monday!!

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